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Provider Service Voice Portal: 877-842-3210

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Find specific phone numbers, mailing addresses and contact information by state.

Technical Assistance

Support is available for help with using websites, electronic transactions and applications.

Network Contact

Your local network management contact is available to answer questions about working with us.

Need Help Accessing Tools on UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal?

If you can't access specific tools once you've signed in to UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal, please contact your portal Password Owner/Primary Administrator using the UnitedHealthcare Manage by Account tool on the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. 

Are You a Member Looking for Help?

If you are a member covered by a UnitedHealthcare insurance plan and you are looking to verify your benefits, view your claims, find a provider or talk to a nurse, visit or call the customer service phone number located on the back of your member insurance ID card. 

Accessibility Contact Information

We are committed to ensuring that our website and mobile applications are accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you need assistance using our website or mobile application, or assistance with a PDF, we can help you. Please call us toll-free at 1-844-386-7491, TTY 711.

If you need assistance using our website or mobile application, or assistance with a document on the website or application, we can help you. Please call us toll-free at 1-866-842-3278.

Fax Number Not Working?

As part of our ongoing commitment to paperless processes and workflows, fax number(s) you may have used will be retiring on January 1, 2020. 

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Reporting Fraud, Waste or Abuse to Us

When you report a situation that could be considered fraud, you’re doing your part to help save money for the health care system and prevent personal loss for others. If you suspect another provider or member has committed fraud, waste or abuse, you have a responsibility and a right to report it. Taking action and making a report is an important first step. After your report is made, we will work to detect, correct and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in the health care system.

Call us at 1-844-359-7736 or visit to report any issues or concerns.