Access and New User Registration

Need access? Register for the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal

In order to access secure content and log in to the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal for claim information, eligibility verification, checking for prior authorization requirements or to view letters in Document Vault, you’ll need to follow a few steps for registration.

Getting started

Before you begin,  review the Access and New User Registration Guide for step-by-step support during the registration process. You can also find out the differences between important roles within your organization; in the menu, select “Understanding your roles” to learn more about each user type. This will help to Identify your Password Owner/Primary Administrator, so you can take the right steps in your registration process. For new users:

Step 1: Create a One Healthcare ID (formerly Optum ID)

You must have a One Healthcare ID to access the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. If you already have a One Healthcare ID, see step 2 to connect your ID to your organization’s Tax ID. 

Step 2: Connect your One Healthcare ID to your organization’s Tax ID

Administrators and Standard Users – During the user registration process, you’ll need to answer a few questions and follow the instructions to select a primary administrator who will assign you the appropriate role and access. You’ll receive an email when your access is approved and can begin using the portal.

An administrator may create your access on your behalf and would be taking this step for you. In that case, you’d be notified by email with instructions on how to finalize your registration. 

Access updates and additional guidance when connecting your TIN

Depending on your role in your organization or organization type, here are different scenarios that you may encounter as you connect your Tax ID Number (TIN) and continue registration.

New Password Owners – If you’re the first person to register from your organization, you will become the Password Owner and manage access for other users. You will receive a security code by U.S. mail. To complete registration, you’ll need to enter the code using the button below.

Access to a new or different TIN Your One Healthcare ID is yours forever. If you’re employed by a different care provider now or need access to an additional TIN, you can simply connect the new TIN using the button below. Administrator approval is required. 

Password Owners have the ability to use the Multi-TIN Access feature, located in Link Security, to request additional Tax IDs be added to your account for your organization’s users.

Access for Revenue Cycle Management companies and business vendors

Revenue Cycle Management companies and business vendors must register with their own TIN and later connect to health care professional TINs using the multi-TIN access request in Link Security. 

Resources, trainings and reference guides

Make sure your web browser is compatible

Make sure you’re using an optimal browser. If you use Internet Explorer, you may experience compatibility issues with our self-service tools. Take a look at our recommended browsers and how to change your default browser setting